Monday, July 6, 2015

The flag and why it makes me cry

We just celebrated Independence Day. It was beautiful. It was thrilling.

But, as always, I was an emotional mess.

Why? Because we celebrated the ability to be who we are. We celebrated the ability to strive for who we want to be.

Not everyone has these freedoms.

America's liberties are important because they allow us to dig deep within and ask ourselves how we can, both individually and as a part of a nation, become stronger, more competitive, more creative, more interesting, more diverse, more understanding, more generous.

Yes. America has its issues. There will always be problems to work through. But in this country we are allowed to reflect on our inadequacies and debate how to address them. We recognize that more than one opinion matters, and with this understanding comes deeper reflection, greater strength, and greater tolerance.

What a gift.

Happy Birthday, America. I am so thrilled, and proud, to be a citizen.

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  1. it just depicts how patriotic and kind hearted you are to deeply connect to your national flag. i wish a lot more people had vigour like yours. keep posting


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