Friday, July 17, 2015

Careers and childhood passions

Do you have a passion you can trace back to your childhood?

Childhood passions, the ones that begin early in life and continue to pull at you even as you begin to grow gray hair, are uniquely woven into the fabric of who you are. They are passions that lie deep inside. They are as true to you as your Roman shaped nose and your strange looking little toe.

They can be ignored, but they cannot be removed.

My mother, who saves everything except for toilet paper rolls, dropped a bag of items at my back door the other day. As I sorted through homemade pot holders, rug hooking yarn, and letters from my grandmother, I pulled out some papers that reminded me how deep my passion for writing is. Tucked into my baby book was a certificate from a young authors conference I'd attended in elementary school. As I gazed at the certificate memories of my childhood passion eased into consciousness: the short stories sent to the principal's office, the poems written for teachers, the essays that came with praise, the welcome suggestions that I might just be a great author one day.

These memories are bittersweet, because the passion remains, but the ability to harness it and fold it into a lucrative career remains out of reach. Perhaps that's okay, but I don't want writing to be a hobby, and so that pull remains.

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  1. writing is a good haby and if you had a passion since childhood then you must start it again. Because it's the only thing which is not done by less creative people.


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