Friday, May 15, 2015

Words and the puzzle of life

It's been a long time, a really long time.

It is nearly June, half-way through the year, and I've written two. measly. blog posts.

What happened?

Life got in the way. I got busier with work, which left less time for reflection and pretty words. It left less time to examine life and think on its difficulties and joys.

Busy is good, particularly when it comes to work. Busy means productivity. It means meaning in my life. It means my business has grown and I'm kind of successful. I won't lie: that's an ego boost.

But I miss the time I used to spend at my computer, figuring out life by sorting through a web of seemingly unrelated words and coaxing them onto my computer screen to evoke images, ideas, and stories that meant something. Peeling away my everyday actions to examine the meaning behind them allows me to live life deliberately. It allows me to ensure a week, month, or year doesn't go by without noticing and celebrating simple joys. It helps me recognize when my path is errant, when I need to retrace my steps or forge a new one.

Deliberation. Reflection. Celebration. That's the way to live life fully, don't you think?

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