Monday, February 16, 2015

Why you should love winter. Really

You know what happens on Facebook come December? The data feeds get clogged with whining and complaining about snow, colds, freezing sidewalks, fender benders, chattering teeth, gray skies.

I get it. Winter can be tough, but if you live in a chilly clime, why focus on the negatives? Doing so will make the season creep by, and life is too short to be miserable for 4 months every year.

Though I tend to reach for a sweater when the temperature dips to 60F, I really do love winter. Here's why:

  • Winter is truly the most romantic time of year. It's the season of snuggling under a cozy faux fur throw, of giggling under down comforters, of drinking bold, red wines in front of the fireplace. It's the season of wedding proposals, of gift giving, of kissing.
  • Arctic air calls for luxurious clothing: leather gloves lined with rabbit fur, faux fur scarfs, and cashmere sweaters. It calls for sexy over-the-knee boots, sassy hats, funky leg warmers. Anything that warms your body and your heart is cool in the winter.
  • Winter  begs us for gooey marshmallows hugging warm mugs of hot chocolate, hot bubble baths, piping hot tea cups paired with fabulous books. It coaxes are feet into fuzzy slippers lined with sheep skin. It begs us to relax after a long day with a rich, velvety glass of port.
  • A blizzard beckons us to slow down and ignore work and school. It asks us to stop the frenzy and instead sip coffee, bake cookies, pop popcorn, watch movies and play games with our children.
  • A good fluffy snow can get our hearts pumping, as we hit the slopes to ski or snowshoe, or trudge to the end of the street to sled down the hill at the park. It begs us to pull out our inner children and get involved in snowball fights, making snow angels, and building snowmen.
  • There is truly nothing as beautiful as snowflakes falling from the night sky. Watching as they settle on barren tree branches and reflect the light from the street lamps or the moon is a wonderful form of meditation or prayer.

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