Friday, December 12, 2014

How to fold a napkin into an elf boot

How to fold a napkin into an elf boot

It's not the devil that's in the details. It's the beauty. Details transform a ho-hum decorating scheme to a gorgeous one. They give a party its attitude. They make a meal romantic. They give an outfit its swank. They make a shower a spa and a commute an adventure.

Details wrap up an image or idea, like the perfect red cherry on top of a sundae. I notice them everywhere, because they are what make life interesting, appealing, fun.

This past weekend I took my children to see Santa, and I loved the atmosphere: the lights, the ornaments, the trees, the garland, the costumes, even the breakfast place settings. We'd entered a foreign and exciting land, where elves play and Santa listens to Christmas wishes. It was a perfect way to escape reality for an hour or two.

The tables in this wonderland were topped with colorful napkins folded into elf boots. Immediately I knew I had to figure out how to make my own elf boots, so I could take a piece of this festive atmosphere home, to my own dining table. Figuring you might want the same, I thought I'd share my findings here:

Fold a square napkin in half. Then fold again.

Take the corners of the napkin and pull them up to create the above shape.

Fold each side up again.

Fold the napkin in half.

Turn the napkin around and fold one half up to make the top of the boot.

Fold the napkin to the left of your boot top in half. Wrap it around the boot top and tuck it into the front of the boot.

You're done!

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