Monday, November 3, 2014

It's the little things

It's often the smallest gestures that have the greatest impact

It really is the little things that count.

How do I know?

I've spent a fair number of years in the dark. Perhaps you've occupied that space yourself, where life is a heavy burden that presses down on you a little bit harder each day. It's a lonely and fragile place, making it a time when the impact of small gestures is magnified.

The gestures I'm referring to are so small that it's easy to overlook them. They are seen in the cashier who raises her eyebrows and shares a joke about the outrageous price of organic milk. They are seen in the man circling the crowded parking lot who gives up his space to a stranger, for no apparent reason. They are seen in the woman at the checkout who winks and smiles at the mom, even though her child is fussing.

Though these actions may seem inconsequential, they rarely are, because a small act of kindness can envelop the jagged and lonely heart. It can reach in and pull those in despair into the light.

As we go about living our lives, we often focus on ourselves and our endless "to do" lists. Our interactions with people at the bus stop, in the library, and at the sub shop down the street are rarely top of mind, because they don't seem important.

But they are. There is meaning in every encounter we have with others, and that meaning is often much greater than we realize. There's no need for grand gestures. Just kindness.

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