Tuesday, November 25, 2014

2014 resolutions: how did you do?

Did you keep your resolutions this year?
Source: Not on the High Street

How did you do with your New Year's resolutions this year?

I have to admit it: the resolutions I make while in a foggy haze Dec 31st are usually a distant memory come February.

But this year was different.

This year there was heart and soul behind my resolutions. My list wasn't made in a nod to tradition. It was made because I truly wanted to achieve. I decided I didn't want to dabble anymore. I wanted to grow my business and contribute to my family in a meaningful way. I no longer wanted to make grocery money. I wanted to make mortgage, retirement, and college tuition money. I wanted to jump in as deep as I could.

So I held my resolutions close to my heart. There was hardly a moment when my goals weren't on my mind, as they fueled many of my daily decisions. And guess what? Despite their scary and aggressive nature, I came very close to achieving them: I very nearly doubled my income.

The path was different than the one I set out to follow. It was, at times, aggravating, bumpy, confusing. Thankfully, I had the good sense to let myself follow success, even though it wasn't laid out as I'd anticipated.

And now I'm wondering what's in store for next year. I still have real business goals to achieve, as I remain far from where I'd like to be. I need to reevaluate the paths to achieve them, and therein I hope to find a resolution or two.

What about you?

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