Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Searching for the skinny shoe collection

Things can distract us from what's meaningful in life

There's no other time that you become acutely aware of how many things you own than when you pack up a home.

When you move, every drawer must be emptied and every single thing in the house must be either donated, trashed or packed.

This is when you come across the jar of Worcestershire sauce you bought for a recipe 4 years ago and haven't used since. You find the shampoo samples sent in a shipment from that you never got around to trying. You unearth the hair ties you bought for your daughter, which she refuses to wear. You come across that book again, the one you swore you'd read the last time you packed it up, 2 years ago.

I've moved 4 times in the last 8 years, and my love for simplicity is never greater than it is pre-move. As hours of sorting creep by, I start to hate the fact that I own things, and I begin to see how quickly things accumulate and how easily their presence distracts me from what's meaningful in life. (Spending several beautiful summer weeks packing and unpacking every couple years is not my idea of seizing life and enjoying its offerings).

Our things are not inherently bad, and every gal is entitled to her own shoe collection. But the skinny collection, featuring one fabulous shoe per season, suits me just fine.

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