Thursday, May 15, 2014

Come on, Summer

Everybody agrees: we had a horrible winter. Mother Nature pummeled us with arctic winds, loads of snow, and countless dreary, raw days. We cursed her nearly every day.

Believe it or not, those frigid days are a distant memory now. As I write this post, it is 88F, and everyone's complaining about the humidity.

But I don't dare utter a word of dissatisfaction.

Despite the sweat beads trickling down my back, I am delighted to feel the sun's warmth. I am happy to see its glow reflect off windows, cars, and sunglasses. I'm embracing the stuffy, sticky air, grateful to be wearing a tissue thin tee-shirt rather than a collection of long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and scarves. I'm wiggling my newly painted toes, just recently freed from the constraints of socks and boots. I'm holding a glass of ice water, enjoying the drip of water traveling down my arms. It's a welcome change from hovering over a mug of tea, trying to gain warmth from its steam.

Come on, Summer. We have a few months to play. Let's go!

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