Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to make photo collages on your phone

How to create collages on your phone
A trip to the art museum
It seems there is no end to my new obsession with photo apps. Last week I wrote about Studio Design. It is a fun photo app that allows you to draw and write on photos. It also has features perfect for adding borders and generally wasting a lot of time dressing up your regular old photos.

My search continued this week, because I wanted to be able to upload collages of photos to my blog, Instagram, and Facebook. Collages are particularly useful when you want to create a visual for a central idea that contains different features or steps. For example, in one photo you can illustrate multiple steps in one recipe, a single fashion trend interpreted in multiple ways, or several happenings in one event.

I tested out several collage apps on my iPhone (hint: when evaluating apps, look for those that have been downloaded most, then check out the reviews), and I like InstaCollage the best. Here are the reasons:

  • It is free
  • It is user friendly: you can easily add and delete photos from your collages. Some apps require that you start all over if you want to switch photos around
  • You can change your mind. For example, you can switch from using a 3 photo collage to using a 4 photo collage without repercussions. Other apps require that you start over if you change your mind in the middle of the creation process, and a girl can't create within such strict parameters!
  • The fonts and borders can be both as professional and cooky as you want them to be. This makes them perfect for work and play
  • You can instantly share your collages to all the major platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, your camera roll
  • This one has lots of free functionality. I downloaded several apps that were free, but then each time I touched my screen to work on my photo they'd ask for .99 to complete the action: maddening!
  • There are loads of filter options, as well as the options to write on photos and add stickers
So, start experimenting and creating. Below are a couple of my creations. I hope they inspire a magnificent creation:

Healthy breakfast

Roasted chickpeas are a yummy and healthy snack

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