Thursday, March 6, 2014

Say 'no' to a snow day induced nervous breakdown

Children remind us to to enjoy the day's gifts

I've been feeling on edge lately, just one small step away from a snow day induced nervous breakdown. Working and entertaining a couple of cooped up kids, it turns out, is not my forte. It challenges my abilities, leaving me drained after 6-hour stints juggling work with cookie baking, reading, and playing Qwirkle.

Some might call it Divine Intervention. Others may call it fate: just when I begin to wonder exactly what I was thinking when I took the plunge into parenthood, my children reminded me why I did.

This past weekend my children turned 7 and 9. My son woke up at 5:00 because he was so excited he could not coax his body to rest. Later that day my daughter broke a wide smile after receiving a pair of roller blades. She quickly pulled them on and spent the rest of the dark, cold evening skating on the ice laced driveway. The two met every activity with an enthusiasm that breathed life into my tired, worn body.

It's easy to get bogged down in the routine of life, overlooking the special things we have the opportunity to do every day. As I looked at my children's smiles and bright faces, as I listened to their high pitched laughter and awful renditions of Pharrell Williams' song Happy I said a silent "thank you" to my children. I remembered that each day brings gifts, and how we interpret and respond to them can either lift us up or leave us down.

How will you face today?

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