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My reading list: 2013

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When it came to reading, 2013 started out with a bang. I couldn't read enough, and for the first time in years I had time to devote to a good book.

When I look back on my picks it's clear I was (still) searching for meaning in a life that was dashed by the economic collapse of 2008. Yes, the crash was 5 years prior, but my life was still disrupted. I was still struggling. My family life was not what I'd anticipated. So I read lots of memoirs, as I resonated with others who were searching to find goodness in lives that didn't quite live up to expectations.

I also added in a few books about food manufacturing in the US, as well as some trashy erotica (which I'll forever deny reading) for good measure. Here's my list:

Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir - Sue William Silverman

Reading Lolita in Tehran - Azar Nafisi
First They Killed My Father - Loung Ung
Does this Church Make Me Look Fat? - Rhoda Janzen
I Never Promised You a Goody Bag - Jennifer Gilbert
Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake - Anna Quindlen
Stalking the Divine - Kristin Ohlson
Wild - Cheryl Strayed

The Sparrow - Mary Doria Russell
Grace Notes - Brian Doyle

Food/Healthy Eating:
Salt, Sugar, Fat - Michael Moss
Farmacology - Daphne Miller, M.D.

Books You Stash Under the Bed and Deny Reading:
Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James
Fifty Shades Freed - E.L. James

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