Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mother Nature is a jerk

I planned to start January with a bang. I was fired up. While I joined my family members in the obligatory sleeping, eating, and drinking, that takes place during the holiday season, my mind was elsewhere.

My thoughts weren't focused on presents, pies, and gatherings. Instead, my mind was full of business plans and goals.

Why? I wanted to work more. To take on new projects. To push my limits. To see how much I could achieve in 2014.

I wanted to move from squeaking by to excelling. 

I looked forward, then, to that magical Monday in January when my children would return to school. Then, on that beautiful day, I would begin to focus anew on providing for them not just emotionally, but financially.

But that long anticipated Monday was owned by Mother Nature, not me.

In just 24 hours, she took temperatures from 40F to -11F (without windchill). Her frigid gusts rattled through Cleveland, forcing my plans loose in a howling, cold blanket of Northern air. She forced doors closed and wrapped her icy fingers around the town, prompting us to huddle by radiators, despite the sweaters and scarves that bundled us. Everything shut down. Schools closed. My clients cancelled. I got a slow start to the "doing" that I thought would take place in January.

And so, this week, I find myself reaching deep inside, firing up the ambition I was forced to dampen as I spent the week making blueberry pancakes and playing Qwirkle.

It's still there. In fact, it's red hot: so strong I feel edgy, my hands at a constant tremor.

Now I must channel it.

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