Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter romance

Source: Soft Surroundings

Winter may be the season of flus, stalled cars, and relentless shoveling.

But I love winter, because it is also the season of fires, port, hot chocolate, and cuddling under the covers.

Winter, really, is the season of romance. (I just had to get married in February, amid a sky of lightly falling snowflakes).

So, here's my tip for winter romance, which is so delicious I just had to share it.

After your honey settles in front of the television to wind down after a long day, pour a bottle of red. Cut a few hunks off a dark chocolate bar. Put your favorite throw in the dryer for 20 minutes.

After you've delivered your snacks, return to drape your man in your freshly tumbled, and warm, throw.

It's the little things that make life beautiful, isn't it?

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