Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cracking the teacher gift enigma

granola is a great teacher gift
Granola makes a great, inexpensive teacher gift

Every year I panic over the smallest gifts I give during the Christmas season: the gifts I give to thank the many people who support, teach, and care for my children.

School teachers, piano teachers, religion teachers, coaches, and bus drivers greet my children all year long. They make them laugh; they teach them about geometry, the environmental impact of road salt, rhythm, social justice, cross-overs. They expand their minds and boost their confidence.

My children have a special place in their hearts for all these unique and special people. They want to give each one the perfect "thank you" gift. So do I.

But how can we recognize so many? How can we give a personal gift that won't break the bank or end up in a landfill?

It's a challenge.

This year I decided to bake loads and loads of homemade granola.  Using the best ingredients I could afford, I whipped up batch after batch of a recipe my son and I concocted together. Then, I wrapped it up in pretty bins with beautiful bows.

A small gift of health to those for whom we wish many years of good coaching and teaching. Perfect.

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