Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bankrupt shopping

A woman with a beaten up, post-recession bank account shouldn't be shopping, and she definitely shouldn't be scouring the racks at Lululemon. If you are not a lemon head, let me give you the skinny: Lulu is a company that does a fabulous job of producing "got to have" workout wear whose price tags can make serious dents in a fragile budget.

But it's been two years since I've crossed the threshold of said dangerous retailer, and I decided I ought  to do some "research." My birthday and the holidays are coming up: I thought I'd try a few pieces on just in case someone asked me what they could do to spice up my tired and mundane work wardrobe.

Besides, I figured you, my fabulous and fashionable followers, would also need to know the latest in envy inspiring workout gear, as your spouses are likely to look at you in late December, panicked because they haven't a clue what to get you. You need to be prepared.

Because I've been out of the fashion scene for a while, my trip was full of discoveries. I tried on a bevy of pants and loved the Skinny Groove Pant for its comfort and the Speed Tight Cozy for its sassy, ruched legs. While I know it is popular, the Skinny Will made my butt look as flat as play dough after my son is finished running his toy steam roller through it, as did the Harmonious Sweatpant. I rejected both immediately.
Speed Tight Cozy
A perpetually cold instructor who lives in a chilly clime, I was delighted to find Lulu has a new collection of truly warm tops this year. I loved the warmth and look of the Avenue Pullover, though if you wear your hair in a bun often like I do, you may not like the small head opening, as it's impossible to put on the garment without ruining your hairdo. The Scuba Hoodie Stretch was another great, cozy find. The Harmonious Hoodie is comfy too, but I didn't find it figure flattering: it overwhelmed my petite size.

Avenue Pullover, Scuba Hoodie Stretch, and Harmonious Hoodie
all pictured with Skinny Groove Pant

So there's my report. Save it. Print it. Or better yet, get out to the store and make your own list of must-haves for this holiday season. You work hard to keep your body healthy and fit all year long: surely you deserve a beautiful and functional garment as reward, right?

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