Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Title games

Source: Travigne Restaurant

It took me an entire year and who knows how many showers (the spot where I get my best ideas) before I recognized the title of my blog was horrific: boring, ho-hum, decidedly uninspired.

Yesterday, amid a mild panic at my inability to see this issue until now, I set about creating a compelling and memorable title that reflected the meaning in the pieces I've written. After all, I could hardly call myself a creative without nailing a title that would immediately conjure up images in your mind, peak your interest, bring a gentle smile to your face, or solicit a knowing nod.

So I spent the morning reflecting on this blog, its meaning, why I write, and what I hope to share and learn from it.

Then it came to me:

Wine with Pizza: Elevating Life, One Slice at a Time

I wish you, my dear and loyal reader, a rich Cabernet or, if you prefer, a grassy Sauvignon Blanc to drink along with life's pizzas, no matter how delicious or distasteful they may be.


  1. I have a few comments about this - first, I LOVE wine with pizza. Because I love wine. And I love pizza. And I don't drink beer. When I worked at a newspaper years ago, I joined the company softball team. We would go out afterward for pizza, and I was always the only one to order wine instead of beer. They gave me the Julia Child award at the end of the season. The pizza in that picture looks soo good. My latest obsession is pizza with salad greens on top. I had some last weekend with butternut squash sauce. Delicieuse!

  2. Meghan, I love pizza with salad greens on top also: if only my meat-loving husband loved it too!


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