Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Post-traumatic housing crash disorder

With the trepidation of first time homebuyers, we've been dipping our toes back into the housing market. After losing $250,000 in the housing crash in 2009, every house seems like it's overpriced, destined to swallow our money and leave us counting the change in our pockets.

And so,
  • even though we found a perfectly sized house in the school district we wanted to live in, 
  • even though we found a basement with the dimensions and ceiling height to house my difficult to place Pilates equipment, 
  • even though it contained the beautiful charm of a pre-WWII home we love, 
  • even though the pricing was competitive,
we hesitated.

Could we afford it? How much would it cost to remove the dead tree in the backyard? Would it be difficult to navigate the shared driveway with the neighbors? What about those nasty bathrooms?

As we debated, as our anxiety about buying a house spiraled in and out of our nightly conversations, someone else offered full price on the house.

Foot dragging rarely yields a good outcome.

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