Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Weighty wisdom

This past weekend I descended upon Chicago, along with 5,000 other female bloggers, to participate in BlogHer's annual conference. Frustrated with my blogs' tepid growth, I went with lots of questions, excited to meet and learn from the women who make the Internet such a fascinating and rewarding place to hang out.

On Saturday morning, then, I skipped my usual T-ball game and instead attended a session about marketing and monetization.  I listened intently as the highly intelligent and driven business women around me discussed brand pitching, media kits, statistics, brand research, and public relations, aspects of blogging I'd devoted little attention to.

That's when it happened. A weighty revelation burst into my consciousness:

I've spent the last four years treating my blogs like writing projects, not business projects. 
I've approached blogging as a creative outlet. I've been writing without a plan, 
simply hoping something would happen, someone would discover me. 

Though I rarely shed a sweater even in July, I felt my body temperature begin to rise as I took in this new wisdom. I fidgeted in my seat as sweat began to trickle down my back.

I've been so stupid.

My new understanding was both welcome and unsettling at the same time. A breakthrough is great, but what now? 

I clearly need to reassess and determine my blogging goals. I must decide what place they take in my overall business strategy and how best to leverage them. Because I want my blogs to have a higher purpose. I'm not blogging "just for fun." (It's not that fun).

Ugh. Sometimes I wish I'd forgone the MA in composition and chosen the MBA.

What about you? What are your blogging goals? I love hearing the experiences and thoughts of my peers. Please share!


  1. I think you can successfully do both. Mine started as a fun project, with growth comes wisdom and income. I don't think at all it makes you stupid, you might have just needed the right timing.

  2. I hear you. I think it's really difficult to be a successful author and a successful blogger. Sometimes I feel like I need to choose between the two - because both are so time consuming and with kids, who has that much time? I'm going to be reassessing, too, in the next month. Today I've got a kid home sick from camp, so not getting much done yet, but I have high hopes for tomorrow!

  3. You may be right, Meghan. The problem is I feel compelled to continue. Blogging is a dirty game!


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