Thursday, July 25, 2013

Finding the sweet spot

I just spent 6 hours in the car, talking to my husband about income, jobs, our financial plan, loans, mortgages, and housing. There were awkward pauses and questions left unanswered. My stomach fluttered with anxiety from time to time as I contemplated changes we need to make.

I'm throwing everything in the air again, which I'll admit is becoming exhausting. Because things have barely settled since the last time I did it.

But we still haven't been able to find our "sweet spot," that spot in life that allows you to pull the covers  over your weary body at night and settle quickly into sleep knowing things may not be perfect but they are definitely okay.

My trip to the city of Chicago, then, is perfectly timed. I'm here to attend the BlogHer conference. I'm hoping I'll be inspired, make connections, and solidify my next steps. Something big has to change. With the expertise and support of thousands of women gathered here to share their knowledge, I'm hoping I won't go wrong.

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