Thursday, July 18, 2013

Diamond or dud?

Me, with my book. I believe I have an important story to share.
We all have our burdens. We all have our confidence shakers. We all retreat inside ourselves from time to time, anxious that we may not have what it takes to succeed.

Here's my smattering of recent soul searchers:

  • Thanks but this is not for us. Cheers
  • All I can say for sure is that it's very, very hard for new writers to get published
  • Present tense prose can be annoying. Keep at it!
  • The project you describe does not suit our list at this time
  • The volume of submissions makes it impossible to correspond with everyone personally

I know I have to grow a thick skin. I know I have to persevere.

But I've started to wonder how I will know if I'm the idiot who can't recognize her own shortcomings or the gem overlooked, a still undiscovered, brilliant and precious commodity.

This question feels especially acute: I'm spending a lot of unpaid time on my book.

So I'm pushing myself out there, and I'm logging the feedback. I'm reading it carefully and considering both its meaning and its validity. I'm constantly making changes to my course.

Because there's a difference between hearing it's difficult to succeed and hearing the quality of your work is insufficient.

I've yet to hear the latter, so I'm pressing on, hoping to make the break every writer dreams of. I'm hoping I'm that hidden diamond, or at least a really shiny turquoise stone.

What about you? How are you pursuing your dreams and readying yourself for discovery?

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