Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The teensy wallet loves lipstick

I know why lipstick sales soar when the economy tanks.

When money is tight, it's not feasible to invest in new clothing and shoes, but one can justify splurging for a new tube of lipstick.  The current trend, which calls for bright red, pink, and coral lips is fun, fresh, and sexy.  It's a cheap and easy way to channel your inner Marilyn, brighten your mood, and put a spring in your step-- a perfect antidote to a worn and tired wardrobe.

So, in good conscience, I took to the make-up aisles to find some new lipstick this year.  I must admit I was nervous about my application skills, but I really wanted to rock this new look, and I found there are thousands of products out there.  No matter what your application or other issues may be, you can find the perfect tube of lipstick if you do a bit of digging.

I've fallen for the Fresh Sugar line, which is full of easy to apply colors that are both hydrating and creamy.  The consistency is forgiving; it glides right over lips that are rough and parched thanks to winter's harsh temperatures.  It doesn't bleed, and it is possible to apply in the car: no need for treating and priming lips beforehand.  Try the Coral.  It'll leave your mouth watering for summer.


  1. I look so much better with brighter/darker lipsticks (like red), but I always shy away from them for some really natural creamy colors from Mac (currently Frenzy and Plastique.) Someday I'll get the courage to wear red lipstick other than for Halloween. Thanks for the Fresh Sugar tip!

    1. Fresh Sugar's bright colors are very forgiving and easy to wear. That's why I love them! I think you'll love the product!


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