Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The perfect bun

I love beauty and fashion, which kind of stinks, because I'm on a tight budget.  Over the last few years I've been relegated to the sidelines, playing the role of fashion admirer rather than participant.

But every now and then I make a great find that forces little out of the pocket book, so I pounce onto the trend with the rest of the fashionistas, guilt-free.

A couple weeks ago, I came across a pounce-worthy accessory that I have to share with you, because it is just too good to keep under wraps.  It's called a bun maker, and you can pick it up at your local drug store for $3.99.

What's so great about it?  I've been wearing my hair in buns for years, and the first time I used this hair tool one of my clients exclaimed, "Christine, you finally conquered the bun!"  Yay!  This easy to use hair tool makes a perfect, beautiful, full and comfortable bun.  Here's what it looks like:

I know.  It looks like a scouring pad with a hole in the middle of it, but it has a higher purpose, ladies.  Wrap your hair around it, insert some pins, and your hair will look like this:

Don't worry.  I'm a miserable hair stylist, so if I can make a fabulous bun, anyone can.  You want one now, right?  I'm attaching a tutorial below for your convenience.  Here's to a beautiful updo, dear reader!

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