Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The gift of control

Source: Bergdorf Princess
The power to choose how we lead our lives is a great gift. 
 I'll never surrender it again.

After spending years maintaining an aging home, renting one was liberating: no responsibility!  But when the landlord called to inform me he planned to sell the house one month before school started, I realized having control over my destiny was a far greater gift than lack of responsibility.

Lack of control: during the recessionary years, I felt a lot of it, and it made me feel powerless, because I was not in command of my own life.  The economic tides were just too great to overcome, and I was being whipped one direction, then the other.  No one was charting a course, least of all me.  I believed the recession, resulting unemployment, loss of health insurance was all beyond my control, and so I was simply reacting to the challenges coming my way, hoping that my dinky ship wouldn't capsize.

This is no way to live life, and only after my landlord called me with his intentions to sell the house I'd just settled into, did I realize that every situation has elements in it where we can take command, molding our responses and the course our lives come to take.

At that moment, I vowed to stop reacting to life events.  I would size up challenges that came my way and put myself in a decision making role as quickly as possible, even if it was painful (like realizing I needed to move my family to Cleveland to live, gulp, with my parents).  While not all of the decisions I've made since then have been easy or right, they've been initiated by me.  I'm back in control, and I'll never give that up again.  It's just too precious a gift to hand off, you know what I mean?

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