Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Riffle through some books today

Source: Pinterest, via Mia Amor

How do you discover books?  Do you browse bookstores, handling the books, smelling them, and reading reviews?  (I know it's bizarre, but I've seen it more than once.  What is it about holding a book that makes a person want to smell it?)  Do you take recommendations from friends?  Do you heed the advice pushed to you from Amazon, when it offers options under the heading "You May Also Like?"  Do you use Goodreads?

I must admit I don't have a preferred book discovery method myself, but I do love the romantic notion of visiting a bookstore, perusing the aisles and finding, maybe even smelling, an unexpected treasure.

The problem is, I rarely have time to make a trip to the bookstore.

I was intrigued, then, when I received an invitation from Lauren Mobertz, nonfiction editor at Riffle Books, to join Riffle.  Riffle is an online showroom for books.  Publisher's Weekly likens it to Pinterest, but for books.  I think of it as the book curating site I can access any time and anywhere, with my pajamas on.

Using Riffle is easy.  After I received my invitation, I logged on, created a profile, uploaded my book picks and perused the site.  The result?  I have a tempting and eclectic list of books I'd like to read.  Now, of course, I just need to create the time to read.  Oh the pesky, limited gift of time!

Are you interested in joining Riffle?  Let me know by commenting below or sending me a message via Twitter, and I'll send you an invitation.  I hope to see you, and your book recommendations, on Riffle soon!

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