Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The old lady's favorite, go-to, never leave home without beauty product

                                                      Source: via Christine on Pinterest

When I turned 40 age sneaked in, and it stomped all over my face.  Suddenly my eyelids were droopy and my jowls flopped like a bulldog's.  When I looked in the mirror I hardly recognized myself.  What happened?

My new wrinkles, which I was just beginning to recognize, caused me all kinds of problems.  Not only did my husband laugh at me when I raced to get an ID before going out for a drink at the local bar, but people started to call me ma'am.

Could anything be worse?

I felt healthy and strong, so this "old" feeling was all about appearance, and I decided I needed to tackle it with gusto.  I scoured every department store and every beauty bar in order to find make-up products that made me look and feel beautiful.  And, in honor of my 43rd birthday, I want to share my favorite, go-to, never leave home without product: Benefit's High Beam.  High Beam is a luminescent highlighter.  It will give your skin a young, dewy glow by catching light just where it ought to lie.  It is also easy to use, essential for a person like me who generally has no idea what she's doing when applying make-up.  Here's what to do: sweep it right under the brow, in the corner of the eye where shadows tend to develop, and high on the cheekbone.

You'll look like you took a fabulous, 10-year nap.  I promise.      

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