Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Book List: 2012

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I took a hiatus from reading when my first child was born because, well, I was completely overwhelmed.  Like many mothers, I found time was no longer my own, and it passed faster than I'd ever imagined it could.  What happened to Sunday mornings with the newspaper, relaxing dinners, phone calls with friends, shopping?  And reading?  Forget it.  Reading, undisturbed, was an activity reserved for other people, perhaps sane, childless people.

My children are in school now, and time has again moderated, walking along at a brisk yet manageable pace.  Now, with delight, I'm reading to my children, with my children, and on my own.  Here's my book list for 2012.  I've separated them into topical categories.

Marie Arana.  American Chica
Rhoda Jansen.  Mennonite in a Little Black Dress
Elizabeth Gilbert.  Eat, Pray, Love
David Sedaris.  Naked
Jeannette Walls.  The Glass Castle

Regina Brett.  God Never Blinks
Patricia Livingston.  This Blessed Mess

Michael Lewis. The Big Short
Aaron Ross Sorkin. Too Big to Fail
Don DeLillo.  Cosmopolis

Michael Larsen.  How to Write a Book Proposal
Michael Larsen.  How to Get a Literary Agent

Children's Books:
Catherine Brighton.  The Fossil Girl
Elise Broach.  When Dinosaurs Came with Everything
Don Freeman.  Fly High, Fly Low
Joshua Prince.  I Saw an Ant on the Railroad Track
E.B. White.  Charlotte's Web

Books you Stash under the Bed and Deny Reading:
E. L. James.  Fifty Shades of Grey

What are your favorites?  I'm always looking for a good book.

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