Thursday, October 11, 2012

Why I'm among the few, the undecideds

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I remember driving home from the polls in 2008 feeling light.  At the time, voting for Obama was an easy choice, and I had great hope for the future of America.

This year is different.  The stakes are really high: what happens during the next president's term could put us on the path to either renewed prosperity, or a slow, painful decline.

And I am worried.  I am worried about steady employment and financial stability, which I have not enjoyed for 3 years.  I am worried about how I will pay for my children's college tuition.  I am worried about my depleted savings account and whether I will die in poverty.  I am worried about future opportunities for my children.

My friends, most of them zealous Obama supporters, struggle to understand my indecision.  "As a woman, how can you even contemplate voting for Romney?" a friend asked me the other day.  It's a valid question that I don't have an answer to.

Here's what I do know.  Since Obama was elected:
  1. My husband was laid off and spent two years searching for full-time employment before deciding he'd have to start his own company if he wanted to work again
  2. We sold our home at a crushing loss 
  3. We downsized, twice
Is Obama responsible for these events?  No.  But what did he do when life was unraveling for me and millions of other Americans?  

He fought for healthcare.

Here's my problem: this fight was worthy, but it was ill-timed and demonstrated skewed priorities, a misunderstanding of the most important issue facing the country.  People who can't make a decent living because the employment market can barely cough up a few sorry opportunities each month don't care about healthcare; they don't care about alternative energy.  These are higher level concerns that should be met only after basic, human, necessities are addressed: jobs, food, and shelter.

I want a president who will restore jobs to this great country, because healthcare or not, my children and grandchildren cannot thrive without them.  Can Romney re-focus America and jump start the jobs engine?  I don't know.  Should I vote for him even though I agree with little he stands for socially?  I don't know.

And so, I am still undecided.

Have you made your choice?  I'd love to know your perspective; I can still be swayed.

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  1. Christine, I love you. You know that.

    But I don't support Obama out of zealous devotion -- it's because of facts. Hard numbers. And it's not just for social reasons -- though I admit, the hypocrisy and just plain evil positions that have hijacked the right make me ill. I don't look forward to a future where my children and I will have to carry picture IDs because we're hispanic -- I say this because Romney has praised Arizona's crazy unconstitutional law -- But that's not why I will vote to reelect Obama. Despite the fact that Romney has made it clear that he doesn't care about me or my family.

    Has Obama done nothing for the economy? Just do a search for his economic record. Fox News doesn't count! For example, this is what The Economist has to say:

    "In general, the case that Mr Obama has done almost as much as he might possibly have done to support the economy, mostly without Republican help and quite often in the teeth of intense Republican opposition, is pretty straightforward and more or less accurate. Republican legislators don't deserve much credit for the things that have gone right and do deserve considerable blame for blocking measures that might have helped."

    This was even before the latest jobs report. The president has fought for the economy. The mess he inherited was of historic proportions. You have every right to be undecided, and even vote for whoever you want -- of course! -- but please don't say that Obama voters are blind to economics or are anti-capitalists. That is simply not true.


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