Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Chesapeake house

My collection of photos from Chesapeake is sparse, because occupying a flimsy dwelling situated on the train tracks was not something I wished to commemorate.  The move to this townhouse was cloaked in shame and disappointment about what life had become.  (There was little celebration, and everyone knows that copious photos always accompany happy times).

However, not all of our days were dark, and I did find a few photos of interest.

Here I'm outside the front door of the townhouse.  I'm blowing up balloons to celebrate Bronwyn and Drew's 3rd and 5th birthdays.  (They were born one day apart, so we celebrate their special days together.  It's a great money saver!)

Below is another shot of the townhouses in the complex.  My brother David is enjoying a moment as a kid, launching balloons over the roofs of the houses.  The houses situated behind him were across the street from ours.

The owner of the house affectionately termed the front yard "tar beach;" it was a blacktop driveway.  For most of our physical activity we visited the reservations or the neighboring school grounds, but every now and then I'd take out the octopus sprinkler during the summer months.  The kids loved to play in that water!  

If you've moved recently, you'll be able to appreciate the next photos.  I took them the night before our big move to Cleveland.  Finally, everything was packed.  Now we just had to get the hell out of the Garden State!  


  1. Christine, Where is Westwood? In NJ? And Chesapeake, too? I live in CA, so when I think of Westwood, I think of LA. I'm originally from Detroit, by the way, not far from Cleveland.

  2. These homes are both in NJ. I fictionalized the town names to protect the innocent!

    Love knowing another Midwesterner. Hope to meet you soon!


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